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March 23, 2017

Abby ponders the possible extinction of words in a millennial world. And that's heavy man 'cause her last name is Read.


Speaking is over rated (see texting). Texting is over rated (see emojis) (also see ghosting). Thank you 2014. And now in 2017 there is much more than tiny little faces and pictures of food and hearts. Coming soon to a phone near you: breast feeders and vampires. Finally an adequate way to express ourselves. #phew



The ever growing popularity of emojis is a catastrophic force, and if you don't stay caught up on the always evolving emoji you are likely to get a hurricane of texts all with an alien face inside a square. #annoying 


When you find yourself completely updated on the emoji front you might (might) be surprised at what you see once those aliens' heads have been upducted -- ( bad) pun intended. These days you can have very sexually developed emojis, because again, what are words? Thanks to Pornhub, a new free service will allow you to send an emoji and receive porn. Yup. The emoji you send will have a corresponding genre of porn. Oh innocent heart-eyed emoji, how far you have traveled. There's also now more than just the eggplant to respresent, well, you know, them goodies. Thanks, Pornhub.



A little less XXX rated take over of the emoji is its appearance on apparel and accessories. Target has embraced the trend, along with Macy's  and (obviously) Etsy where you can purchase pins, stickers, water bottles, jewelry, shirts...the list goes on, please don't make me continue. Hell, Acne Studio will even sell you that emoji life, for a price.



If you find you can't afford a skully hoodiey yy; perhaps just leave your house dressed as a giant banana -- that's how Charlotte Olympia sent her opening model down the runway in September, after all. 



Keeping things on the runaway for a sec, Karl Lagerfeld is an emoji because okay yeah, I guess why not. He's slightly less terrifying in emoji form. 



Today you can essentially get anything emojinized. You can tell the world how you are feeling or what you care about with a simple little symbol. Which IS cool. A sort of global communication. However, I think I am still a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to language, and in a world where the face with tears of joy was the literal word of the year in 2015 (2016 could be summed up by a face with tears, minus the joy), this generation, my generation, is moving past the point of words. Which is a little sad (insert frown faced emoji here).


Words hold so much power. I was a shy, shy little girl but I was the strongest person in the world when I wrote down what I was thinking. And I still am. I still relish in the written language. But yes, I do use emojis (screenshots of my texts with my mother to come). Maybe it's a matter of using the emoji responsibly and never ever forgetting the difference between your and you're


One can hope at least. 

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