50 Shades of Grey Gardens

March 5, 2017

Abby checks her Redfin recommendations and one listing stands out: "...oozing with romance, ghosts and other things."



When it comes to cult-classic-like obsessive intrigue of the mingling of squalor and glamour, little can compare to the mythic dwelling of Grey Gardens, and those who lived within its walls.




And now it's all for sale -- for a mere 20 million dollars. Totally doable. 


The mansion in East Hampton, on the corner of  Lily Pond Lane and West End Road, was built in 1897, but it was not until the mid 20th century that Grey Gardens became synonymous with eccentricity and fabulosity -- all thanks to two ladies:


Big Edie and Little Edie. The showstoppers of the Hamptons. For better or for worse. 


In the 1950's, after Big Edie's husband left and her father disowned her, the pair was forced to live off small allowances that were not enough to maintain the family home. Dilapidated and overgrown, Grey Gardens soon began to look like something out of a Gothic Novel. There were feral cats and falling raccoons and holes in walls; but did that stop the Edies? 


Hell no. 


Because when it comes to fashion and fierceness, where there's a will there's a way; and big Edie and Little Edie had both will and a rather large flair for theatrics -- dressing as an opera singer to a wedding, for example. The ladies of G.G. embraced life to the fullest with their clothes, a Bohemian freeness mixed with a lux level of sophistication. There were skirts as capes and skirts upside; swaths of fabric patched together and brooches pinned a top blouses; headscarves to the nines and pantyhose for days, partner!


Fashion in Grey Gardens was not meant to be practical (because really, who was there to impress beyond the feral felines, and they're NEVER impressd). No, no, fashion was frivolity in the best sense -- personal style honed into perfection for no other reason than why not look fabulous?! Wool tank tops over polonecks in the middle of summer, monocramtic outfits in every shade and hooded dresses with zippers. It was progressive; distinctive. Flashy. Maybe even campy.


But always, always, fashionable. 


Shop Exquisite Costume to channel your inner Edies.













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