In Bloom

April 20, 2017

Nothing can quite beat spring in the city. Those magical few weeks when you don't have to pile on 5 layers or wait for the elusive L train while sweat pours from your body (love you MTA). There are flowers and blossoms in trees and shades of green that make it hard to be in a bad mood. I said hard, not impossible -- I am a New Yorker, after all.  



I am also a monkey see-er, monkey do-er (when it comes to trends and not jumping off a cliff, I promise). I love to recreate looks from street style I stumble upon and I don't see why Mother Nature can't be a part of this equation. 


So as a self-proclaimed queen of floral print, I love that this trend reappears season after season. It never seems to fall flat to me. There are endless options and variations, just like the real thing. While I tend to pick darker colors in the winter, spring is all about romantic hues and playful pops (of poppies). 



Keeping things fresh (past the prints), as a native Californian, my skin is a vitamin D addict. As much as I love makeup, I love no makeup. I love when my face feels dewy and bright and clean. Bring on the botanical skin care. My favorite products dawn from Fresh. Their Rose Petal Mask is actually the epitome of spring in a jar.



I also recently have fallen down the rabbit hole that is Korea skin care. Yes, I'm talking snail bee venom serum and egg yolk masks. They are wonderful. They are all holy. 



Spring is the best time to put your freshest face and your freshest threads forward. It's written somewhere in the laws of nature; surely the butterflies and the bees know. What else is buzzing? After being in an emergency level drought since 2014, much of California finally got some much needed rain. The results are a wild flower super bloom. Fields and hills are alive with color. Which is perfect because every one deserves a Sound of Music moment. 


Watch out vintage dandelion drapes! California, here I come!

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