Mardi Gras State of Mind

March 3, 2017

Carnival! A time-warping, border-busting, merry-making ethos that reminds us to prioritize fun and let our freak flags fly. Wylie finally leaves the house and explores why Mardi Gras is fashion's first cousin.



It's Fat Tuesday, which is really just every Tuesday lately, damn you winter weight, and I'm peeling myself off the couch to head over to the wardrobe department. "Wardrobe", of course, being my bedroom, and "department", the cats that hang out in said bedroom. I've spent the majority of the afternoon curled up with Pit Bull contemplating bangs (fringe) and wondering why the man of the moment (no, not HIM) hasn't texted. 



After relocating a few kitties in a frantic search for my favorite wig (is there any other kind of wig search but frantic?), I give up that particular ghost and take a moment to regroup. Milliseconds before classic OMG I Have Nothing To Wear terror plows into Why Is He Not Texting dismay and Where The Fuck Is My Wig panic, the one true unholy trinity of anxiety disorders, it hits me-- this is Mardi Gras. ANYTHING GOES.




Mardi Gras fashion is a redundant term. Mardi Gras IS fashion. Born of the same spirit, cut from the same cloth; Carnival is both fashion's feast day and mantra. It's the runway that just keeps coming. 


Purple and green prevail, and masks and beads are the lay of the the land. Extra points for animal prints. And then there's the makeup. Oh, the makeup.



After cooking up a conciliatory steak for Pit Bull and Hound Mix (yeah, I don't care if you guys have built-in animal print, you're not coming out), which I had to remove from the oven with falconry gloves because I couldn't find any oven mitts (a potential blog post for another day), I opted for a little from columns A, B and C. I threw in a hearty dose of flapper, because you can never go wrong with flapper. Voila:



Remember, Mardi Gras isn't just a single day, or even a season, it's an attitude. All of life's a parade! Keep it going through spring with selections like our Purple Reign Disco Dress and Vintage Lion Necklace.




























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