Antique Eastern Embroidered Coat

Antique Eastern Embroidered Coat


Our coat of many colors is exotic antiquity for the modern urbanite. This is a polychromatic masterpiece that will appeal to fashionistas and textile collectors alike; elaborate designs of metallic gold thread weave across a field of regal purple and are dotted with delicate blue, green and red flowers. For all it’s exquisite embroidery, we find this unique garment to be wholly wearable, navigating 21st century city streets as easily as it has passed through time.


This coat is likely Mongolian in origin and is a size large. A true antique garment in overall very good condition but with some losses including shattered silk and minor fraying of embroidery. Gold satin lining was probably added some time after coat's original construction. Please email for supplemental photos and/or more detailed condition report. Free shipping in the domestic US.


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